Autism CRC is creating Australia’s first and largest autism Biobank. The Biobank will contain detailed biological information collected from over 1200 families where a family member has autism. This will allow for the first time, on an unprecedented scale, a genetic discovery that we’ve never seen before in Australia and allow for earlier and more accurate diagnosis.

Project leader: Professor Andrew Whitehouse, University of Western Australia (Telethon Kids Institute)

The aim of the current study is to establish an Australian autism biobank by collecting detailed phenotypic and genotypic information on cases of ASD from four Essential participants, each in different states:

  • University of Western Australia (WA),
  • La Trobe University (Vic),
  • University of New South Wales (NSW) and
  • Mater Medical Research Institute (Qld). The ABB Wesley Medical Research Tissue Bank

Children with ASD (2 - 17 years of age) will be recruited through therapy service providers and existing research databases in each state. Parents will contact their local site to enrol in the study. Parents will be asked to complete questionnaires regarding the medical and social history of the family. The family will then be invited on to their local study site for behavioural testing of the child. Blood will also be obtained from the child as well as the biological mother and father. Biological samples will then be shipped to the The ABB Wesley Medical Research Tissue Bank for the creation of a biobank and long-term storage. This project is an essential element of Program 1 as the data obtained will provide the biological and phenotypic information for the genetic and biochemical analyses in Project 1.2. The biobank created in this project will be an asset for Autism CRC Ltd that will be highly sort after by researchers from around the world.

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Project Participants:

Samples will be collected through:

  • University of Western Australia
  • University of New South Wales
  • La Trobe University
  • Mater Medical Research Institute
  • PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA

Children with ASD (2-17 years) will be recruited through hospitals, therapy service providers and existing research databases in each state.

  • Autism Association of Western Australia
  • AEIOU Foundation Queensland  
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
  • Western Australian Autism Diagnosticians Forum
  • Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
  • Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre Victoria
  • Autism Queensland


Research program: