The Board Charter of Autism CRC Ltd (“the Company”) sets out the aims, functions and duties of the Board of Directors (“the Board”) in the discharge of its responsibilities for the performance and overall strategic guidance of the company, and effective oversight of Board committees and executive management.

This charter should be read in conjunction with the Company’s Constitution, the Participant Agreements and the Commonwealth Agreement. If a dispute in content or meaning arises the wording prevails in the following order:  Commonwealth Agreement, Essential Participants Agreement and Constitution.

As a Company limited by guarantee, Autism CRC Ltd will comply with the Corporations Act 2001 as well as other applicable laws and statutes.

The Company aims to:

  • promote the understanding of autism spectrum disorders in human beings;
  • create a Cooperative Research Centre in the Field that pursues world class research and training relevant to the Field;
  • ensure that the Parties with their differing disciplines and backgrounds will, through their participation in the Centre, add value to each other so that the performance of the Centre in the Field will be greater than that of each Party acting independently;
  • increase the skills of persons already working in the Field and to train and equip new postgraduate and other students with skills and attributes to continue being productive in the Field;
  • promote a managed and cooperative approach to research and education in the Field so as to maximise the benefits from that research and education; and
  • carry out education activities in the Field for students and for the professional development of persons working in the Field.


Autism CRC Constitution


Autism CRC Organisation Chart