Lab to Life Scholar Visits

This is a unique program offered by Autism CRC.  It is a program of scholar visits undertaken by PhD Scholars during their candidature or during their Post-Doctoral Fellowships.

Our objective is to ensure that Scholars who graduate with Autism CRC funding or complete fellowships with the CRC, will be well rounded scientists and well informed regarding:

  • the range of professionals who work in teams to support individuals with ASD and their families;
  • the range of challenges faced by individuals on the spectrum and their families across the lifespan;
  • have opportunities to meaningfully engage with individuals on the spectrum and their families.

To this end, Scholars will be expected to undertake at least three short affiliations /visits (1-3 days) during their candidature that provide experiences with:

  • the stages of the lifespan from early diagnosis and intervention, school years and adult life;
  • professionals who work with individuals with ASD and their families (e.g., paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, regular and special education teachers, social workers etc.);
  • different research settings from biological/ neuroscience/genetics laboratories to school classrooms, family environments, workplaces and the community.  

The aim of these visits is to:

  • Spend time with researchers/scientists to understand their roles and projects in undertaking research within the Autism CRC.
  • Develop an appreciation of the impact of ASD on individuals and their families, the pervasive nature of the impairments on the spectrum, and the inherent strengths possessed by individuals on the spectrum; and the impact of caring for /parenting an individual with ASD across the life span.
  • Develop an ability to discuss research and clinical aspects of ASD with different professionals who hold different perspectives and specific expertise related to the ASD spectrum.
  • Be able to communicate with individuals with ASD and their families about their lived experiences as well as various research projects.
  • Have the opportunity to meet other PhD Scholars in various laboratories/research settings who are engaged in Autism CRC funded research and learn about their projects.
  • Appreciate the diverse range of research undertaken within Autism CRC and also by Autism CRC researchers through other funding sources.