The Secret Agent Society Update

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) Computer Game Pack and Small Group Program help kids 8 to 12 years of age crack the code of emotions and friendships. Junior Detectives graduate from SAS equipped with the skills to feel happier, calmer and braver while making new friends and keeping them.

SAS features an animated ‘secret agent’ computer game, Helpful Thought Missile action game, Challenger board game, Secret Message Transmission Device game and many more award-winning resources. The evidence-base, structured curriculum and captivating theme make this program one of the most successful of its kind in the world.

Two-Day SAS Facilitator Training Course 

The two-day SAS Facilitator training course is for professionals from school, community or private practice settings wishing to provide a fun, evidence-based, and manualised approach to social skills training for children with social-emotional challenges, including those on the autism spectrum. We offer scheduled events as well as the opportunity to host the two-day training at your own location. To set up a training for your staff or community please contact us at

2017 Training Dates for Semester 2.

Location Training Event Dates Registration Closes
Melbourne SAS Two-day Facilitator Training (Version 2) 8-9 March, 2017 17 February
Sydney SAS Two-day Facilitator Training (Version 2) 22-23 March, 2017 3 March

Wellington, NZ

SAS Two-day Facilitator Training (Version 2) 24-25 May, 2017 5 May
Brisbane SAS Two-day Facilitator Training (Version 2) 7-8 June, 2017 26 May
Perth SAS Two-day Facilitator Training (Version 2) 20-21 June, 2017 2 June


SAS Trainers can also come to your workplace.  Contact us to host a professional development event for your organisation, school or local network.

A New Edition Of Secret Agent Society Has Been Released!

Dr Renae Beaumont and the Social Skills Training Institute bring you the Second Edition of SAS! Based on your feedback, multiple research evaluations of the SAS Program and in response to latest research on social-emotional skills, we are extremely excited to release a new, modernised version of SAS. Since 2010, SAS Facilitators have helped thousands of SAS Cadets graduate as SAS Junior Detectives!

A range of schools and service providers are using SAS to transform the delivery of social and emotional skills training. The stories we hear about SAS and SAS Facilitators from families and other professionals are amazing. Funding bodies are loving the ever growing evidence base and having trusted trained professionals delivering SAS in an effective way is in increasing demand.

Newly Published Research

The Evidence-Based Secret Agent Society (SAS) has yet another published study. The article published in the Psychology in the Schools Journal outlines the benefits of delivering the SAS Computer Game Pack and a variant of the SAS small group program to students with Autism Spectrum Conditions in a school setting. Visit the Psychology in the School Journal or email to request a copy.

The growing number of studies underway and published show that the program has wide application to a range of ages and diagnoses, can involve parents and/or school staff ,and can be delivered in a manualised full small group format or by using components of the intervention. Find out more about the SAS evidence base here.

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