Board members

Name Role Organisation
Ms Judy Brewer AO Chair, Autism CRC Board Autism CRC
Prof Robert van Barneveld Independent Director  
Prof Garry Allison Nominee Director Curtin University
Mr Adrian Ford Nominee Director Autism Spectrum Australia
Ms Carole Green Independent Director  
Mr Ian Harris Nominee Director University of Queensland
Dr Shirley Lanning Independent Director  
Mr Malcolm Mayfield Independent Director  
Mr Scott Reading Nominee Director AEIOU Foundation
Mr Paul Vincent Independent Director  

Autism CRC team

Name Role
Mr Andrew Davis Chief Executive Officer
Mr Andrew Borneman Chief Financial Officer
Mr Wojciech Nadachowski Chief Operating Officer
Ms Cheryl Mangan Research Manager
Ms Jacqui Molensen Stakeholder Relations Executive
Ms Maree Best Administration Officer
Ms Robyn Synnott Research Program Officer
Ms Mardy Abeydeera Finance Officer
Ms Naya Ojeda Finance Officer

Research Program Directors

Name Role Organisation
Prof Andrew Whitehouse Program 1 Director University of Western Australia
Prof Suzanne Carrington Program 2 Director Queensland University of Technology
Prof Torbjorn Falkmer Program 3 Director Curtin University

Research Staff

Name Role Organisation
Prof Cheryl Dissanayake Program 1 Leader La Trobe University
Prof Valsamma Eapen Program 1 Leader University of New South Wales
Dr Jill Ashburner Program 2 Leader Autism Queensland
Assoc. Prof Kate Sofronoff Program 2 Leader University of Queensland
Prof Jacqueline Roberts Program 2 Leader Griffith University
Assoc. Prof Amanda Richdale Program 3 Leader La Trobe University
Prof Julian Trollor Program 3 Leader University of New South Wales
Prof Nicholas Lennox Program 3 Leader University of Queensland