Overview of the Research Project

The overall objective of the cooking program was to provide participants with the opportunity to have pleasurable experiences with food, cooking and eating. Other objectives of the cooking program included:

  • to practice cooking including following recipes and developing particular skills (e.g. kneading dough)
  • to provide opportunities to try new foods
  • to provide opportunities for socialising and team work

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Development of the Cooking Classes

The cooking classes were held at Putia Kitchen and Cooking School, Brisbane. The cooking program consisted of two blocks of three cooking classes with a maximum of six young adults participating in each block of classes. Each class was attended by two co-facilitators who provided instructional assistance to participants if they had any questions or needed modelling of techniques or skills.  

The Recipes

Ms Dominique Rizzo, Executive Chef at Putia Kitchen and Cooking School led the classes. Participants completed a questionnaire developed by Ms Rizzo to gather information about the group’s food likes and dislikes as well as participant’s prior experience with cooking. Ms Rizzo designed each class and the accompanying recipes around the three main meals of the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. During classes, participants were encouraged to work together to prepare and cook the food.

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Watch the cooking classes in action: