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This page allows you to register for access to certain key Autism CRC resources. These valuable resources are available to everybody at no financial cost. We require people to provide us with some basic information about themselves, via registration, as this allows us to better understand, and report on, utilisation of these significant outputs. To find out more about how we use this information, please see our Privacy Policy.

If you are already registered to one of the resources outlined below, simply Log in and enter the email address you previously registered. A link will be sent to this address. After logging in you can update your preferences to include access to additional resources through the My details button in the top right hand corner.

Key resources

National Guideline for the Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism

The National Guideline for the Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders is the first unified approach to the assessment and diagnosis of autism in Australia. Launched in 2018, the Guideline defines clinical best practice and a new diagnostic standard.

Registering will give you access to the complete Guideline document, and the Implementation Toolkit which helps clinicians to upskill and deliver the recommendations in the Guideline with learning resources and practical tools.

The Integrated Employment Success Tool (IEST)

The Integrated Employment Success Tool (IEST) aims to improve employer confidence, employee productivity, job retention and the overall workplace success of autistic people. Developed specifically for employers, the practical workplace manual can be used across a variety of work environments.

The IEST provides employers with information about:

  • autism and the strengths of autistic employees
  • the benefits of employing autistic individuals
  • the employment process and important factors for successful employment
  • strategies to implement workplace modifications
  • a range of resources, including editable checklists and templates.

Participatory and Inclusive Autism Research Practice Guides

The Participatory and Inclusive Autism Research Practice Guides provide researchers with the tools to produce end-user driven research that delivers practical outcomes and resource that benefit the community. These guides contain an overview of important participatory research principles, concepts, and practices, followed by six focussed guides addressing both participatory and inclusive research. 

By understanding, recognising and valuing the lived experience of autistic people, their families and supporters, researchers can:

  • promote partnerships between researchers and community members, ensuring end-users have a say in the research that is done about them
  • produces research that is more relevant and beneficial to the community
  • improve participant recruitment
  • build community capacity and skills by meaningfully engaging end-users in the processes and practices of research.

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