Research co-production

Submissions for our Research Co-Production Partners for 2019 closed on 13 December 2019. Continue reading this page to find out more about the application process for becoming a co-production partner. To learn about what co-production is, visit What is co-production?

Benefits of being an Autism CRC Research Co-production Partner

Benefits of being endorsed as an Autism CRC Research Co-production Partner include:

  • support by Autism CRC for research proposals to funding/investment agencies
  • Autism CRC potentially being a partner for Australian and international research grants, such as ARC Linkage grants
  • promotion of Autism CRC Research Co-production Partners through Autism CRC communications.

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Application and assessment process

Applicants will need to complete an online application to be considered as an Autism CRC Research Co-production Partner.

  1. Submit application via the online form
    Applicants must submit an online application form. Submissions by other means, such as email, will not be accepted.
    2019 applications closed on 13 December

  2. Assessment of applications
    An expert panel, comprising autism researchers and autistic adults, will review and assess all applications. This panel will make recommendations to the Board of Autism CRC.

  3. Receipt of recognition and promotion by Autism CRC
    Applicants will be notified of outcome. Successful applicants will be promoted through Autism CRC communications upon award, with other recipient benefits also starting at this time.

Assessment criteria

Outstanding applications will evidence:

  • commitment to co-production: through completed, continuing and research yet to commence
  • appropriate engagement and recognition: co-producers on the spectrum and/or their families/carers have been, and will continue to be, engaged, recognised and rewarded appropriately
  • sustainability of co-production: the organisation takes a sustained approach to research co-production, including promotion of co-production internal or external to their organisation.


Organisations from all research, industry and community sectors undertaking research, development or service provision in the area of autism are eligible to apply.

Ongoing performance/assessment

Autism CRC Research Co-production Partners will report to Autism CRC on the progress of co-production initiatives on a six-monthly basis.

Autism CRC will directly engage with end-user co-producers (being people on the spectrum and/or their families/carers) to assess and monitor performance.