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What a year!

Autism CRC has achieved outstanding results over its life so far, impacting on practice and policy, and this year was no exception. These outcomes have only been achieved through the national capacity enabled by the Commonwealth CRC Program, with the significant contributions of our Participants and the broader community to our work. As we wish you all a happy and safe holiday season, and thank you for your ongoing support, here’s a short video to show you a number of the achievements we’ve all delivered together.

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With so many outcomes and notable achievements, it is difficult to capture all these. You can find more information on Autism CRC’s achievements and activities in our 2018-19 Annual Report

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Impacting the autism research landscape

A recent Macquarie University study has demonstrated the significant impact of Autism CRC’s current investment program on the autism research landscape in Australia. Autism CRC’s program has prioritised research topics that address needs across the lifespan, defined by the stakeholder community. As we move to the next phase of our work beyond our founding Commonwealth CRC Program, we need to ensure that this continues to be a fundamental driver.

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A young adult sits on the floor, holding themself

Understanding loneliness in autistic adults

Loneliness is related to depression, anxiety, and even cardiovascular risk. This study sought to understand what was associated with loneliness in autistic adults compared with non-autistic adults. Researchers also wanted to better understand the experience of loneliness for autistic adults.

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Walking along a path

MyWay Employability – Call for User Testers!

MyWay Employability is a digital service that enables self-reflection, skill development, and goal setting and tracking to help young people on the spectrum plan and prepare to reach their career goals.We’ve been working with young people on the spectrum and their parents, teachers and service providers to ensure the service meets their needs. We now need user testers aged between 14 and 18 years. If this is you, or someone you know, please register below.

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Child using SAS Digital HQ on iPad

Announcing SAS Digital HQ

Exciting News! Social Skills Training Institute (SST) is thrilled to announce the new SAS Digital Headquarters. SST is transforming the original SAS Computer Game into the new SAS Digital HQ with a new look and feel, new functionality, and accessibility from tablets (e.g. iPad’s), laptops and desktops. In SST's 10th anniversary year, they are continuing their mission to empower children to solve the mystery of social encounters.

To be notified of the official release in January 2020, please join the SST mailing list.

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Co-production at Aspect

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) works with people of all ages on the autism spectrum, and is currently undertaking a range of co-produced research projects. Aspect recently developed an autism training module for Australian police. The content module was informed by a research project that sought information from autistic people about their interactions with police.

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Three people on a stage having a discussion

Gaining and sustaining employment

"Centaine had ability nobody seemed to be aware of", says Centaine's Mum, Beth. In this interview at the 2019 Autism CRC AGM, Centaine talks about her determination to find a job, and how her work at SunPork has given her confidence, purpose and the income to enjoy real independence.

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Three images - a Sunflower badge with Gold Coast Airport logo, a Sunflower sign next to a toilet sign, a radio interview

Airport staff training takes off

Trudy Bartlett, a graduate of the Sylvia Rodger Academy’s Future Leaders Program, spoke with Karin Adam from ABC Gold Coast about her involvement in helping to train airport staff to better understand the needs of autistic people. Gold Coast Airport is launching a program to assist passengers with a hidden disability, following consultation with stakeholders including Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). This interview aired on the Drive program with Matt Webber on ABC Gold Coast.

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What we’ve learnt about autism in the last 25 years

Professor Andrew Whitehouse’s article in The Conversation discusses how our understanding and approaches to autism have changed over the last 25 years.

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2020 Professional Training Dates

2020 Professional Training Dates for the SAS Small Group Program will be announced on the 20th of December!

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2018 Digital Art Entry: Lightning crawls over Brisbane skyline

Lightning over Brisbane skyline

“Lightning photography is my big passion. I grew up storm chasing as a kid, and now 27 years old still watching them. My photography became expert in taking lightning photos from electrical thunderstorms. This lightning crawls over Brisbane’s skyline was one of highlights in my best achievements of photography. I find utilising my photography skills is helpful as being on the Autism spectrum where I pay a lot of attention and details especially where lightning expected to come from"

Artist: Matthew Townsend


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