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Image: Unity Through Diversity by Will Hazard from 2018 Digital Art Celebration

Hi %%First Name%%

We hope this finds you safe and well during these challenging times. While we are all making changes to how we go about our daily activities, I hope that you are able to continue towards your goals and those of your family and friends – even if not quite in the same way as envisaged a few weeks ago.

As for most organisations, Autism CRC’s team has moved to a working-from-home model for the immediate future, but as you will see in this eNews, we are getting on with business. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our team through the usual channels.

Please keep safe, stay well and let’s all look after each other.

And, finally, our heartfelt thanks and best wishes go to all those playing a part in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andrew Davis
Chief Executive Officer

Come and join us in April for our Autism Month webinar series

Autism CRC is hosting four webinars in April as part of Autism Month 2020. Spaces are limited and social distancing is not an issue! We recommend you register today.

Diagnosis, Early Intervention and Sleep

Wednesday 29 April 1-2pm (AEST)

Hear the latest from experts on:

  • Diagnostic practices and experiences in New Zealand
  • New parent-mediated observation tool for infants showing early signs of autism 
  • What we know about sleep in children on the autism spectrum

Facilitated by Professor Andrew Whitehouse

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Building Resilience for Children and Teenagers

Thursday 30 April, 2-3pm (AEST)

Hear about online and remotely delivered evidence-based tools and programs that can help build resilience in children and teenagers on the autism spectrum.

  • Secret Agent Society: espionage, technology and fun, now able to be delivered through telehealth and online learning services! Empowering children to crack the code of emotions and friendship to reach their full potential.
  • Autism Teen Wellbeing: Helping teenagers on the autism spectrum combat anxiety and depression by building protective factors in the home, school and community 

Facilitated by Cheryl Mangan, Autism CRC.

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Connection and Quality of Life

Thursday 30 April, 11am-12 noon (AEST)

Hear experts share the latest on:

  • Using chat-bot technology to support participation and health and well being in higher education
  • Working with autistic researchers to uncover the hidden histories of late-diagnosed autistic adults
  • Developing a Quality of Life tool for autistic adults

Facilitated by Professor Andrew Whitehouse

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Autistic Voices - Influencing Change

Tuesday 28th April from 1-2pm (AEST)

Hear autistic leaders share their insights about:

  • Collaborating effectively with autistic people
  • Influencing positive change in your community or area of interest
  • Finding opportunities to collaborate and create or be part of change 

Facilitated by Dr Jac den Houting - Macquarie University

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Graphic with Adolescent Wellbeing in the center, surrounded by Parents / Caregivers, Teachers & Support Staff, School & Community

Supporting autism teen wellbeing

We were delighted to release our new website, autismteenwellbeing.com.au, earlier this month. The Autism Teen Wellbeing website provides resources and strategies to help build protective factors against depression and anxiety for young people by cultivating a sense of belonging and the ability to regulate emotions in the face of stress.

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Teens in school uniform using laptops

myWAY testing

The myWAY Employability development team recently took an early version of their smart web application out for user testing at two large metropolitan schools. Participating students on the autism spectrum from Years 9-12 gave detailed feedback on everything from the content, usability and look of the web app as they explored career options and goal setting based on their strengths, sensory preferences, learning styles and life skills.

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Secret Agent Society - Solving the Mystery of Social Encounters

Remote options to help kids build resilience and manage their emotions

The revolutionary Secret Agent Society (SAS) suite of programs and tools, which help children build resilience and social-emotional skills, are now available through online, telehealth and distance education options. Responding to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Autism CRC subsidiary Social Skills Training Institute (SSTI), has moved swiftly to ensure its team of providers can continue to empower children across the globe with the program's unique combination of espionage, technology and fun.

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Australian Autism Research Council - 202 membership announcement

Help improve workplace opportunities and outcomes

Autism CRC is looking for autistic employees and their employers, co-workers, supervisors, HR professionals and autism employment program executives across a variety of roles, industries and (in some studies) countries to contribute to our research by participating in one or more of the following studies around autism in the workplace.

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A large group of people stand or sit, many wearing a dark blue shirt with Autism CRC logo, looking towards the camera.

Get involved Financial well-being of autistic adults

Autism CRC and Macquarie University are looking for autistic adults to participate in an online survey about their financial wellbeing and other aspects of day-to-day life. The aim of the project is for us to gain a better understanding of the financial wellbeing of autistic adults living in Australia.

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Secret Agent Society - Solving the Mystery of Social Encounters

Middle Years Project seeks participants

We are looking for participants for an online survey with the intention to capture data from educators, parents, specialists and students about middle years learners on the autism spectrum in alternate education settings.

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A large group of people stand or sit, many wearing a dark blue shirt with Autism CRC logo, looking towards the camera.

Future Leaders 2020 applications opening soon

Autism CRC's Sylvia Rodger Academy and Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) are once again partnering to offer the Future Leaders Program. Applications for the Future Leaders 2020 program will open on April 13, 2020.

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Future Leaders 2018


Autism CRC's Longitudinal Study of Australian School Leavers (SASLA) team La Trobe University present a commentary on two research papers about transition services for young autistic adults, in the Australian context.

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Art from the vault

Painting of a head with colours exploding from one side of the brain and grey stream from the other. The head is surrounded by words: Arts, Determined, Logical, Non-judgemental, Attention to detail


“Open to interpretation”

Bellina Paley, 2018 Digital Prize