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eNewsletter August 2020 graphic including myWAY Employability has launched

“Go higher. Think bigger.” myWAY Employability launched

"Don't limit yourself. Go higher. Think bigger." That’s the advice 20-year-old Liam Picen has for other autistic young people planning for their working life. Liam was part of the original research and development program for Autism CRC’s new smart web platform – myWAY Employability – which aims to support young people to take control of their future and career planning.

myWAY Employability guides young people to help them identify their strengths, interests, learning and environmental preferences, and then matches this information to relevant potential careers and employment pathways.

myWAY Employability was launched in August 2020 by Jackie Coates, Head of Telstra Foundation.

To find out more, watch the launch video or visit the site.

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Welcome to our two new Co‑production Partners!

We are pleased to welcome two more organisations to Autism CRC’s Research Co-production Partner Initiative:

UOW and UNSW have each demonstrated a commitment to research co-production on a sustained basis, and join existing Autism CRC Co-Production Partners, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), Macquarie University, Curtin University and University of Southern Queensland.

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Improving GP visits

We're currently undertaking a study to learn about autistic adults’ experiences with general practitioners (GPs) and what training could improve the care GPs are able to provide. This information will inform the development of policy recommendations for providing care to autistic adults in general practice settings.

We are seeking responses from autistic adults who have experience of visiting the GP, people that have supported an autistic adult with GP appointments and GPs. Find out more on our website by clicking the buttons below.

Autistic adults and support
General practitioners

Senate Committee on Autism update

The Select Committee on Autism, set up to inquire into and report on the services, support and life outcomes for autistic people, began hearing testimony from key experts from around the country soon after the 17 July 2020 closing date for submissions. Autism CRC was invited to present to the Committee at its Brisbane hearing at the end of July. Unfortunately, this meeting has been postponed until further notice due to changing COVID-19 restrictions. All submissions can be viewed by visiting the Senate Committee website.

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Meeting your students’ sensory needs

Students on the autism spectrum often have specific sensory needs. Making adjustments to accommodate these needs can benefit all students by creating a more comfortable environment - reducing the need for behaviour management and helping students to engage, attend, focus, and self-regulate during class.

Join the free inclusionED community to find out more about meeting students’ sensory needs, and all the latest evidence-based and evidence-informed practices for diverse learners.

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Help us to understand resilience

Researchers are looking for Australian-based autistic adults to complete an online survey on resilience. The study will investigate how autistic adults in Australia cope with and recover from setbacks in life. We hope to understand the different pathways that are associated with wellbeing in autistic adults and identify protective circumstances that may buffer the negative effects of stress on wellbeing.

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Occupational therapist sits with child as they play with toys

Autistic adults living with diabetes

Autism CRC is looking to understand how autistic people experience and manage diabetes. This study will assess current diabetes resources, highlight unmet diabetes-related health needs, and identify the aspects that help diabetes management. If you are an autistic adult (officially and/or self-diagnosed) living with type 1 OR type 2 diabetes, or you are a support person, find out how you can help.

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Art from the vault

Drawing of a blond girl in winter clothing with blankets, a sled and other snow equipment

Are you ready for winter?

“I live in the Snowy Mountains NSW and love the snow. This is me all rugged up and ready for winter fun!”

Camryn, 2018 Digital Art Celebration