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The Integrated Employment Success Tool (IEST) aims to improve employer confidence, employee productivity, job retention and the overall workplace success of autistic people. Developed specifically for employers, the practical workplace manual can be used across a variety of work environments.

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Who is the IEST for?

The IEST provides employers with information about:

  • autism and the strengths of autistic employees
  • the benefits of employing autistic individuals
  • the employment process and important factors for successful employment
  • strategies to implement workplace modifications
  • a range of resources, including editable checklists and templates.

Autistic individuals looking for work or already employed may also find the IEST helpful. Share with existing or prospective employers to build a greater understanding of autism, provide guidance on practical workplace modifications and create inclusive workplaces.

Research suggests that the strategies presented in the IEST will benefit more than just the people who disclose their autism.

What’s in the IEST?

The manual is presented according to the phases of employment starting at advertising the job, through to the interview process, job commencement, workplace modification and how to maintain ongoing support. Each phase includes information on specific workplace requirements, tips and advice, questions to consider, and checklists.

Graphic with icon - Advertising the job
Advertising the job
Graphic with icon - Interviewing
Graphic with icon - Job commencement
Job commencement
Graphic with icon - Workplace modification
Workplace modification
Graphic with icon - How to maintain ongoing support
How to maintain ongoing support

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