Sylvia Rodger Academy

Autism CRC’s Sylvia Rodger Academy delivers programs aimed at empowering autistic adults. Our vision is to see autistic people thriving through discovering and using their strengths.

Our mission is to provide programs, pathways and networks that create communities where autistic people fully contribute and influence policy, practice and culture in partnership with their peers.

Our programs are co-designed and autistic-led.

We strive to create an environment where autistic adults feel comfortable and welcome. A safe place where unique needs and ways of experiencing the world are recognised and respected, fostering belonging and acceptance.

A large group of people stand or sit, many wearing a dark blue shirt with Autism CRC logo, looking towards the camera.
A picture of the participants, Project Team and additional Autism CRC staff from the Future Leaders 2022 residential workshop.

Our Programs

Icon of Autistic Identity and Connection

Autistic Identity and Connection

The Autistic Identity and Connection Program is for autistic adults who would like to learn more about what it means to be autistic, and develop connections with the autistic community.

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Icon of Future Leaders Program

Future Leaders

The Future Leaders Program is for autistic adults who would like explore and develop their leadership skills to make a positive impact in their community.

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Icon of Governance Program

Governance Program

The Governance Program is for autistic adults who would like to be on boards or other governance bodies, such as advisory councils, and want to develop practical knowledge and skills in corporate governance.

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Icon of Research Program

Research Program

The Research Program is for autistic adults who want to learn how research is done and skills for co-producing research with established researchers. The Research Program is also for researchers to learn the skills for participatory and inclusive research with the autistic community.

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Graduate stories


“I learned that the traits I thought I had to overcome were actually qualities that make me special, loved and worthy. It gave me the skills to recognise what I need to thrive and the confidence to self-advocate for that.”

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“I had spent a lifetime trying to find out where I fit in, and through the program I learnt I could be myself.”

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Our history and governance

Emeritus Professor Sylvia Rodger AM

In 2015, Emeritus Professor Sylvia Rodger AM co-founded the Autism CRC Research Academy, which was later renamed in her honour. The Sylvia Rodger Academy proudly continues her work through our mission and is overseen by an autistic-majority Management Committee.

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Research and Community Engagement Officer

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