Upskilling autistic adults and autism researchers to work together as research co-producers

Research Program

The Research Program is for autistic adults who want to learn how research is done and skills for co-producing research with established researchers. This Program helps participants to:

  • learn and further develop the skills for participatory research
  • increase their engagement in participatory research
  • network with potential research collaborators from around Australia.

The Research Program is also for researchers to learn the skills for participatory and inclusive research with the autistic community.

Autistic participants in the Research Program develop their skills through a series of Program activities including:

  • completing online modules on topics including inclusive practice, ethics, participatory research, and research dissemination
  • attending online sessions with other people in the Program
  • attending a 3.5-day/3-night residential workshop
  • completing a practical component including an in-depth investigation of a co-produced research project, and a self-directed component based on individual research goals.

Researchers in the Research Program develop their skills through a series of Program activities including:

  • completing written submissions on topics including the neurodiversity paradigm, lived experience of autism and participatory research
  • attending masterclasses with other researchers in the Program
  • attending a 1.5-day/1-night residential workshop.

Response from graduates

“Thank you so much for the experience! I truly loved it and will definitely recommend it to others!” – 2017 Program graduate

“As both a clinician and researcher, it was a great learning experience for me in terms of understanding inclusion put into practice, and how empowering an autistic space can be. The workshop has allowed me to take a different perspective and approach in my clinical practice and research, and I would highly recommend it to colleagues. Such workshops should be an integral part of clinical research training programs (in particular first year PhD graduate training) to promote the culture of research inclusion from the ground up.” – 2020 Program researcher graduate

Graduate stories


“One of the biggest impacts of being a part of the program was finding my tribe in real life…. it validated that I was not broken, I was different. I emerged from the workshop with confidence that I was okay - that I actually have things to say that are valued by others within my community and the professional community.”

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“I had spent a lifetime trying to find out where I fit in, and through the program I learnt I could be myself.”

Read Richard's story

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Applications closed

Applications for the Research Program are currently closed.

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