Empowering autistic adults to contribute to decision-making in the corporate environment

Governance Program

A large group of people stand or sit, many wearing a dark blue shirt with Autism CRC logo, looking towards the camera.
A picture of the participants, Project Team and additional Autism CRC staff and Board from the Governance Program 2019 residential workshop.

What is the program about?

The Governance Program is Australia’s first training program in corporate governance for autistic adults, enabling leadership in decision-making and capturing the strength of diverse thinking to make a broader contribution to the corporate and government sectors.

Participants in the Governance Program develop practical knowledge and experience in corporate governance through a series of training and development initiatives including:

  • completing online training modules
  • attending a 3.5-day/3-night residential workshop  
  • undertaking observations of one or two Board meetings 
  • attending up to three online debrief sessions after Board observations

Applications currently closed

Applications for this Program are currently closed.

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Our Objectives

The objectives of the Program are to:

  • increase the engagement of autistic adults in organisational decision-making
  • establish a national network of autistic people with governance skills, enabling them to share experiences and opportunities
  • provide participants with practical knowledge and experience
  • improve participants' understanding of governance structures and different organisational models.


The Governance Program was created and launched in 2019, with our pilot Program running from late 2019 to early 2020. The Governance Program is co-designed and delivered with autistic adults, with our pilot Program having four out of our seven Project Team members identify as autistic. 

Fourteen autistic adults aged 25-59 from across Australia graduated from the Program in April 2020. For more information, you can read the evaluation report here.

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Should you have any questions about the Governance Program, please contact our Project Officer.

Ashton Bartz
Project Officer, Governance Program
Sylvia Rodger Academy

0428 994 540
(Please note that Ashton is part-time but will respond to your query as soon as possible.)