Graduate stories

From the Future Leaders Program


Being part of the Future Leaders Program gave her direction and purpose. She says before the program “I was disconnected between my authentic self, and who I thought the world wanted me to be... that separated me from the best parts of myself”.

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“I learned a lot about myself in the program, it helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and what areas to focus on. Before, I felt like I was adrift.”

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“I don’t usually take risks, but through the program I could try new things in a supported way. Participating in Future Leaders enabled me to see how much I can achieve.”

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“I learned that the traits I thought I had to overcome were actually qualities that make me special, loved and worthy. It gave me the skills to recognise what I need to thrive and the confidence to self-advocate for that.”

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“Being part of Future Leaders changed my life by showing me it is ok to be exactly who I am, how I can embrace my autistic traits in my work life and now as a result I can positively change the lives of autistic students in the school environment.”

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“Future Leaders basically changed my whole outlook on life. I was in a pretty bad space before the Program. I learned that it’s okay to be autistic and I am now doing things I never thought I could do before.”

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“When I applied to Future Leaders, I didn’t understand the impact it would have on the way I view myself and my own autistic identity. I have struggled with feeling isolated and that I’m different than other people, because I did not regularly connect with people who identify as autistic.”

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From the Research Program


“One of the biggest impacts of being a part of the program was finding my tribe in real life…. it validated that I was not broken, I was different. I emerged from the workshop with confidence that I was okay - that I actually have things to say that are valued by others within my community and the professional community.”

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“I had spent a lifetime trying to find out where I fit in, and through the program I learnt I could be myself.”

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