Australasian Autism Research Council - Defining National Autism Research Priorities

Australasian Autism Research Council (AARC)

About the AARC

The Australian Autism Research Council (AARC) was established to review and define national priorities for autism research and identify areas of research needed for the autistic and autism communities.

In 2022, the AARC expanded to include members from both Australia and New Zealand and became known as the Australasian Autism Research Council.

The AARC operates under the auspices of Autism CRC. The AARC includes members who are:

  • Autistic
  • Parent/carers of autistic people
  • Government representatives and policy makers
  • Service Providers
  • Health professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Researchers

The objective of the AARC is to:

  • consult on the state of autism research in Australia and New Zealand (community-led);
  • identify priorities for autism research in an Australia and New Zealand context;
  • report on priorities for autism research in Australia and New Zealand;
  • inform funding strategies for autism research in Australia and New Zealand

Contact us

If you have any questions, or would like to be kept informed about future opportunities to be involved in the work of the AARC you can email the AARC Secretariat:

Community summaries

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Research priorities

In consultation with the community, the AARC has identified 10 research priorities

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Operation and membership

Find out more about how the AARC operates, including the current membership of the AARC, and the terms of reference that guide it.

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Publications and resources

A list of research publications, reports and community summaries

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