Allied health and clinicians needed to assess Autistic Quality of Life Assessment

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What is this study about?

Are you a registered allied health or medical clinician? We want to know what you think of a new prototype Quality of Life assessment questionnaire that we are developing. We want to show it to you and get your feedback.

Who can participate?

Registered allied health or medical clinicians who: 

  • Work with autistic adults (clinically or in research)
  • Read, write and speak English
  • Live and work in Australia.

What does it involve?


  1. Completing a survey

    In the survey you will be asked to look at the assessment and then answer some feedback questions.

  2. A short 10-minute questionnaire about your use of quality of life assessments and taking part in a 1-hour focus group

    During the focus group, you will be shown the autism-specific quality of life assessment and instructions about how to interpret the results of a mock completed assessment. We would then like to hear your ideas for improvement and anything you like about the assessment. The focus group will be recorded. Following the focus group, a copy of the findings will be sent to you for checking.

Are there any risks?

There are no likely risks from this project. Your participation is voluntary, and you can stop at any time. The interview will be recorded, but your identity will be kept confidential and all information will be stored without identifiable information.

What might the benefits be?

Your views will provide important insights and information that will be used to refine the assessment tool. Findings will help us to better understand quality of life for autistic adults.

How do I get involved? 

If you are interested in participating, please complete the survey of interest


For more information contact:

This project is approved by The Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee. Approval number HRE2017-0865