Autistic adults needed to help us understand about living with diabetes

Recruitment closed

Researchers from The University of Queensland want to understand how autistic people experience and manage diabetes.

We will use this information to understand if current diabetes resources are adequate and to eventually inform the development of autism-specific diabetes resources. Exploring autistic adults’ experiences of diabetes will also let us learn their unmet diabetes-related health needs, and the aspects that help diabetes management, which could inform future research and health advice.

Who can participate?

You can participate if you are an adult living in Australia and:

  • you are autistic (officially and/or self-diagnosed) and living with type 1 OR type 2 diabetes; or
  • you are a support person (family, friend, partner) of an autistic adult living with diabetes

What is involved?

The study involves a short survey about yourself (e.g. your communication preferences) and an interview about your experiences of managing diabetes. You can participate in the interview through video conference, telephone, email, or online chatting. The interview may last between 30 to 60 minutes.

We will reimburse you for your time with a $30 gift card.

How do I get involved?

Please contact Katie Brooker or Ritwika Vinayagam.