Pathways beyond diagnosis

Are you a parent of a preschool aged child (under 6 years of age)? Does your child have a diagnosis of autism?

We are inviting all parents of preschool aged children with an autism diagnosis to take part in the Family Support Program by sharing their experiences post-diagnosis.

Discovering your child has autism can be a difficult and overwhelming time. Although the long-term effects of diagnosing children at an early age are positive, you may not have felt prepared for the initial diagnosis.

We have developed a Family Support Program to identify and understand the unique needs of parents following a diagnosis of autism.

By better understanding parents’ past experiences of diagnosis, we can provide families of newly diagnosed young children with the support they need to understand autism, promote family wellbeing and ensure they feel equipped with tools to navigate the pathways beyond diagnosis.

What is involved?

Parents are asked to complete an online questionnaire by visiting: (approx. 20-30 minutes)

Further information

Contact PhD Scholar:
Stacey Rabba
La Trobe University