Relate Survey: Improving Communication for Children on the Autism Spectrum and their Families

Communication differences are one of the main diagnostic criteria of autism. Because of this, many parents of children on the autism spectrum seek support to help their child meet their full potential.

Relate is an app designed to help parents and speech pathologists inspire and activate new ways for children on the autism spectrum to communicate. By capturing the latest in autism-related science and strategies, Relate will improve accessibility to this information by placing it directly in the hands of parents, carers and healthcare professionals.

Developed by a team of researchers, individuals on the autism spectrum, parents and IT experts from Autism CRC, Griffith University, La Trobe University, and ANZ, the app also aims to:

  • Support parents and carers by providing personalized toolkits, strategies, information and ideas to help children on the autism spectrum to communicate
  • Empower children to make meaningful connections and friendships
  • Provide a way for parents and carers to track progress and celebrate achievements

Relate isn’t just an app – it is part of a much larger initiative to empower autistic children and their families around the world. The app allows parents to anonymously share information on their child’s progress, which will contribute to the world’s largest longitudinal study of communication development in children on the autism spectrum. Thus, parents play a key role in this process by sharing information to help answer critical research questions.

How you can help

While the app is in the prototype phase of development, the Relate team has released a survey seeking feedback from parents of autistic children, aged two to eight years, to help them understand the following question:

What parts of the day would be more enjoyable, easier and more successful if communication was easier for your child?

To participate in the survey, or for more information, click here.