Philanthropy helps researchers bust autism myth

Published April 2022


Article in Inspire Magazine on how philanthropy played an important role in making it possible to support important research which helped shed light on the autism-gut microbiota relationship. See pages 26-26.
Gratten J., Yap C.X., Ganda M. J., Alvares G.A., , Henders A.K.,, Giles C., Huynh K., Nguyen A., Wallace L., McLaren T., Yang Y., Hernandez L., Hansell N. K., Cleary D., Grove R., Hafekost C., Harun A., Holdsworth H., Jellett R., Khan F., Lawson L.P., Leslie J., Frenk, M.L. Masi A., Mathew N.E., Muniandy, M., Nothard M., Miller J.L., Nunn L., Strike, L.T., de Zubicaray G.I., Thompson P.M., McMahon K.L., Wright M.J., Visscher P.M., Dawson P.A., Dissanayake, C., Eapen V., Heussler H.S., Whitehouse, A.J.O., Meikle P.J., Wray N.R. INSPIRE Issue 23, Research Australia

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