Randomised controlled trial of a pre-emptive intervention for infants showing early signs of autism: Study methodology and characterisation of clinically-indicated sample

Published July 2019
Hudry, K., Varcin, K.J., Cooper, M.N., Green, J., Boutrus, M., Chetcuti, L., Davidson, E., Dimov, S., Dissanyake, C., Iacono, T., Maybery, M., Renton, M., Sadka, N., Segal, L., Slonims, V., Taylor, C., Wakeling, S., Wan, M.W., Wray, J., Barbaro, J. & Whitehouse, A.J.O. (2019). Pre-emptive intervention versus treatment as usual for infants showing early behavioural risk signs of autism spectrum disorder: a single-blind, randomised controlled trial, The Lancet, early online. doi. 10.1016/S2352-4642(19)30184-1