A survey of autistic adults from New Zealand on the autism diagnostic process during adolescence and adulthood

Published March 2021


The diagnostic experiences of autistic adults in New Zealand have not been investigated and little is known globally about autistic adults’ satisfaction with the autism diagnostic process. This study describes the diagnostic experiences of 70 autistic adults living in New Zealand and explores how these experiences are related to satisfaction during three stages of the diagnostic process. The results show that autistic adults were reasonably satisfied with the early query and diagnostic assessment stages, but were dissatisfied with the post-diagnostic support stage, with significant unmet needs. Dissatisfaction during the post-diagnostic support stage was also related to satisfaction during previous stages and poor coordination of supports. Suggestions are made on how to improve the autism diagnostic pathway for autistic adults in New Zealand.
Evans, K., van der Meer, L., Eggleston, M.J.F. et al. A Survey of Autistic Adults from New Zealand on the Autism Diagnostic Process During Adolescence and Adulthood. J Autism Dev Disord 52, 771–781 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10803-021-04983-0

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