Autistic Identity and Connection program 2023: Evaluation report

Published December 2023

The Sylvia Rodger Academy, an initiative of Autism CRC, developed and delivered the Autistic Identity and Connection Program in 2023. This was designed to provide autistic people with an opportunity to explore autism and autistic identity, develop skills in wellbeing and self-advocacy from an autistic perspective and connect with other autistic people and community.

Before engaging in the Program, the majority of the participants reported feeling isolated from the autistic community, a lack of knowledge or skills to improve their wellbeing and having a limited knowledge of autistic experiences and identity.

On Program completion, the majority indicated the Program helped them to feel more confident and comfortable, indicating that they had experienced an increased sense of connection with other autistic people and developed both knowledge and skills to improve their wellbeing, and an understanding of autistic experiences and identity.