Research Approaches to Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum in Inclusive Schools

Outcomes, Challenges and Impact

Inclusive education is socially, emotionally, and academically beneficial for all students and positively impacts on respectful attitudes to difference. This book reports on a ground breaking approach to research that by design is inclusive and therefore provides an invaluable opportunity for building the foundations of an inclusive society for all.

This book will support researchers in the field of education disability research by outlining inclusive research approaches and their challenges, outcomes, and impact. Each chapter presents inclusive research approaches developed in Australian schools with students, families, teachers, and specialists.

This is one of two volumes written to support researchers, teachers and specialists working to develop inclusive educational environments and programs for students on the autism spectrum. Its companion volume, Supporting students on the autism spectrum in inclusive schools: A practical guide to implementing evidence-based approaches, provides practice guidance and resources for educators and school communities to support students and their learning.

The editorial team was led by Autism CRC’s School Years Program Director Professor Suzanne Carrington, and included Autism CRC Project Leaders Associate Professor Beth Saggers, Dr Keely Harper-Hill and Associate Professor Michael Whelan. 

Citation: Carrington, S., Saggers, B., Harper-Hill, K. & Whelan, M. (2021). Research Approaches to Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum in Inclusive Schools: Outcomes, Challenges and Impact. Routledge.

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