The Robotics Social Club Program

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Specialised social clubs are an excellent way to promote inclusion in mainstream schools. We implemented and evaluated a robotics social club to investigate whether if it would support the development of peer network for students on the autism spectrum. The result? The club increased social networks, motivation, engagement, personal and social capabilities and task and technology skills. It also helped enhanced teachers’ ability to better understand and support their neurodiverse students.


Students and teachers building robots outside
Social Robotics Club on inclusionED

Visit inclusionED for an overview of the research, and detailed practices that show you how to use the evidence to support diverse learners in the classroom.

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Social Robotics Club Website
Social Robotics Club Website

This website provides information and resources for schools, students and parents looking to implement or participate in a Robotics Social Club.

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Robotics Club Research Visual Snapshot
Robotics Club Research Visual Snapshot

A visual summary of the Robotics Social Club research findings. A great resource to promote the club to fellow educators and parents.

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