Sylvia Rodger Academy in partnership with Autism Spectrum Australia

2019 Future Leaders announced

Autism CRC's Sylvia Rodger Academy is proud to partnering with Aspect to deliver the 2019 Future Leaders Program. We welcome the 2019 Leaders who come from around Australia. Congratulations to Alex C, Ally F, Andrew C, Anita R, Elliott M, Haley R, Jen H, Kirk C, Lisa G, Lydia D, Tammy M, Trudi Anne G, Yogie W and Zoe M.

The Future Leaders Program is Australia’s first holistic leadership capacity-building program for autistic adults. Co-designed and delivered by autistic adults, the Future Leaders Program is designed to empower autistic adults with leadership potential who want to make a positive impact in their communities.

Over the coming months, the successful participants will have the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills through a series of training and development initiatives. This includes completing a series of online training modules, attending a residential workshop, undertaking a voluntary placement with a community or corporate organisation and receiving mentorship from an autistic leader or Project Team member.

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