Announcing AARC membership for 2024

6 Feb 2024

We are pleased to announce the membership of the Australian Autism Research Council (AARC) for 2024. 

We received over 200 expressions of interest for AARC membership. Interest came from across Australia, with applicants representing a rich and diverse range of experience, perspectives and expertise. 

In line with its Terms of Reference, the AARC includes representatives of the autistic and broader autism communities, as well as service providers, health and education professionals, government program managers and policy makers, and researchers. 

We warmly welcome newly elected members: 

  • Katharine Annear – autistic advocate and board director/deputy chair (Autism CRC) - Australia
  • Joanne Dacombe – autistic parent, advocate, chair (ASAN AUNZ), board member (Autism NZ) and autism researcher (Otago University) – New Zealand
  • Dr Patrick Dwyer – autistic autism researcher (La Trobe University) – Australia
  • Gabby Hall – autistic autism researcher (University of Technology Sydney) - Australia
  • Helen Hayes – autistic parent to two autistic children and Portfolio Manager (Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People) – New Zealand
  • Alison Nuske – autistic autism researcher (Flinders University) - Australia
  • Marion Rabuka – autistic parent, grandparent and autism researcher (Macquarie University) - Australia
  • Dr Matt Sellen – autistic psychiatrist and director (The Centre for Neurodivergence) - Australia

Our continuing and re-elected members are: 

  • Gerard Atkinson
  • Jessica Harrison
  • Gabrielle Hogg
  • Bec Poulsen (Co-chair)
  • Grant South
  • Larah van der Meer
  • Timothy Watson

We would also like to recognise the valuable contributions of departing members. Our sincere thanks to:  

  • Charlotte Brownlow (former co-chair)
  • Fiona Dee
  • Helen Fitzgerald
  • Adam Howie
  • Wenn Lawson
  • Vivien Leung
  • Vi Nguyen
  • Mikala Sedgwick

Thank you to everyone who expressed their interest in membership of the AARC.

Your interest in this opportunity, and your continued efforts and dedication to the autistic and autism communities is greatly appreciated.  

We look forward to seeing the work and important insights of the AARC continue this year and beyond.

For more information visit the AARC page