Announcing the Australian Autism Research Council members for 2020

10 Jan 2020

We are pleased to announce the membership of the Australian Autism Research Council (AARC) for 2020.

We were truly excited by the unprecedented response to our call-out last year, which resulted in 100 Expressions of Interest being received from across Australia, representing a rich and diverse range of experience, perspectives and expertise.

In line with its Terms of Reference, the AARC includes representatives of the autistic and broader autism communities, as well as service providers, health and education professionals, government program managers and policy makers, and researchers.

In 2020 the AARC is comprised of the following members:

  • Katharine Annear
  • Charlotte Brownlow
  • Shelly Dival
  • Claire Harris
  • Melanie Heyworth
  • Katie Koullas
  • Wenn Lawson
  • Pam Macrossan
  • Malcolm Mayfield
  • Liz Pellicano
  • Rebecca Poulsen
  • Geraldine Roberston
  • Travis Saunders
  • Samarra Toby

Although they represent a diverse range of communities and stakeholder groups, all have one thing in common: a desire to help improve the lives of autistic people and their families through relevant high quality research.

We would also like to recognise the valuable contributions of those who were part of the first iteration of the AARC. Sincere thanks to departing members:

  • Sam Bennett
  • Tim Chan
  • Adrian Ford
  • Jon Martin
  • Brian Owler
  • Fiona Sharkie
  • Andrew Whitehouse

We look forward to seeing the work and important insights of the AARC continue this year and beyond. For more information about the AARC, visit the AARC page.