Autism CRC's new official podcast has launched

25 Aug 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of our new official Autism CRC podcast. The podcast will bring together all the big ideas from presentations, findings, resources and discussions from previous webinars and events in a new format.

Our first series features recordings from this year’s Autism​@​Work Virtual Summit, held on 22-23 March 2023.

Lend us your ears as we deep dive into how you can unlock the talent of autistic and neurodivergent employees, plus a range of other topics including:

  • How we can better support autistic talent in the workplace
  • How creating neurodiverse teams and introducing autistic talent is improving productivity in the workplace
  • Autism​@​Work programs, what they are, how they work and why they matter
  • Employee Resource Groups, what they are and how they are fostering psychological safety at work
  • Learn how university programs are providing better support for autistic students in higher education

The first three episodes are available now on the following platforms with new episodes releasing every Thursday.

Episode 1 features keynote speaker Tom D’Eri, Co-founder and COO of Rising Tide Car Wash, an organisation that employs over 90 autistic individuals in a successful car wash business. Tom has dedicated his career to unleashing human potential by creating organisational systems and culture that empower people to grow.

Episode 2 features insights from representatives of large organisations. Learn how panellists’ own programs help to build workplace capacity as panellists share their experiences and reflect on how they achieve skill development with their talent.

Episode 3 features the experiences of autistic employees who explore the role of skill development in career-building.

You can also watch all of the Autism​@​Work episodes on the Autism CRC YouTube channel.