Autistic Identity and Connection Program - first workshop held in Melbourne

2 Jun 2023

The Sylvia Rodger Academy's Autistic Identity and Connection Program held its first face-to-face workshop in Melbourne over three days in May with 12 participants in attendance from New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. The delivery team consisted of six established autistic leaders. 

The Program is for those who would like to have a more complete understanding of what it means to be autistic, connect with other autistic people and community and develop skills in wellbeing and self-advocacy from an autistic perspective.

Thirty online participants of the Program will engage in a series of masterclasses from June to August 2023, facilitated by the delivery team. 

Feedback from the workshop was positive with participants commenting: 

  • "It has changed my life... I no longer question my diagnosis. I am more aware of myself and my needs. I have learnt many accommodations I can make in my life to make things easier on myself. Mostly, I learnt it's OK to be autistic and I am moving into a space where I want to be autistic and proud and educate others on autism"
  • "It helped me to actually be around other autistic people for the first time in my life and feel far more at home and connected to other people"
  • "Prior to the workshop, I didn't know any other autistic adults and was feeling rather alone. I now feel I am part of 'The Tribe'. It feels great!"

This program is delivered in partnership with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and has been developed by and for autistic people.

Autistic identity particpants
Participants and project leaders at the Autistic Identity and Connection Program in Melbourne