Awards open to celebrate quality research

31 Aug 2020 Updated 13th October 2020 with revised closing date.

We are proud to announce the opening of the annual Autism CRC Awards for Achievement in Autism Spectrum Research. These awards recognise and celebrate research and development initiatives that exemplify the Autism CRC’s vision, mission and values.

The awards are open to all organisations and researchers undertaking quality research projects in the area of autism, regardless of affiliation with Autism CRC. In particular, they recognise achievements in inclusive research practice and the translation of autism research into practice, products, policy and programs that benefit the autistic and broader autism communities.

In the category of Inclusive Research Practice last year’s winning project involved Co-designing digital technologies with minimally-verbal children on the Autism Spectrum had significant involvement from autistic individuals and the autism community across all aspects. Notably, it included minimally verbal children on the autism spectrum. This has led to the development of novel technologies and prototypes that children are keen to use as vehicles for social interaction, self-expression and engagement.

The work was led by PhD student Cara Wilson from Queensland University of Technology. One reviewer said “I cannot think of another research project that is collaborating in this way with autistic children who do not use speech.”

There were two winners in the Research Translation Category. The first project was led by Professor Sandra Jones in collaboration with autistic people, the autism community and Amaze’s management and staff. Community attitudes towards Autism in Australia is the first research of its kind in Australia and provides a broad understanding of the public perceptions of autism and experiences by individuals.

The joint award in this area went to Co-production approach to the development of an Australian first online autism training module for police. The project was led by Vicki Gibbs and co-funded by a National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) ILC Grant and Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). The team developed a 30 minute interactive online learning module in collaboration with autistic people and members of the Australian Federal Police. A webpage was also developed and officers accessed the module information via QR codes on their phones. Victoria and NSW Police forces are interested in the program and are currently reviewing the online modules.

This year’s nominations close at 5pm AEST Tuesday 20 October 2020 and winners will be publicly announced in November 2020.

To find out more about this year’s award categories, selection criteria and how to enter, follow the link below.

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