Community consultation is now closed

3 Jun 2019

This stage of the community consultation process closed on 30 June 2019. 

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The Australian Autism Research Council (AARC) is now calling on autistic Australians, families, carers, and the autism community to have their say on the future of autism research priorities. The outcome of this community consultation process will help guide the future focus of autism research activities and research funding in Australia.

An online survey and submissions process is now open.

There are a number of ways you can help:

1.    Share the news of the consultation process through your networks 

2.    Fill in the survey and let them know what you think as an individual about the draft research priorities outlined

3.    Create a submission on behalf of your organisation using the online portal.

Autistic Australians are the key primary stakeholder in this consultation. That definition encompasses at least 1 in 100, or currently over 250,000 Australians on the autism spectrum.  “The autism spectrum is broad and people’s views on research priorities are expected to be diverse,” said Dr Wenn Lawson, Co-Chair of the Australian Autism Research Council (AARC). 

The AARC includes representatives of the autistic and broader autism communities, as well as service providers, health and education professionals, government program managers and policy makers, and researchers. 

After considering domestic and international commitments, and existing global and Australian surveys on autism research priorities, seven broad research priorities were identified and are now available for consultation and feedback. The draft identifies three core autism research priorities that reflect the autistic person, their experience and interaction with society and the built environment. A further four implementation research priorities acknowledge that the core autism research priorities need to be implemented systematically into many areas of society.

Priorities established by AARC and the consultation process will help guide the future focus of research activities and research funding. This will be relevant to activities and funding by government as well as research and development undertaken by non-government organisations and other industry members who provide programs and services for the autistic community.

This consultation process is open from 1st – 30th June 2019

To view the Draft Priorities for Consultation 2019, Terms of Reference and submissions process follow the link below.

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