Could your organisation be an Autism CRC Research Co-production Partner?

19 Apr 2018

We are pleased to announce we are now accepting applications from organisations that demonstrate commitment to research co-production on a sustained basis and would like to be recognised as Autism CRC Research Co-Production Partners. Autism CRC has long been committed to inclusive research practices and co-production for and with the autistic and broader autism communities. The development of our Inclusive Research Practice Guides and the establishment of our Research Academy are two significant initiatives previously undertaken by Autism CRC.

Evidence demonstrates that engaging individuals on the spectrum and their families and carers as peers in research – from the definition of need to the conduct of research and its application – promotes quality, translatable research relevant to the needs of the community. To highlight those organisations who are committed to sustainable research co-production, we have established our Autism CRC Research Co-production Partner initiative.

We are looking for organisations that demonstrate:

  • commitment to co-production: through completed, continuing and research yet to commence
  • appropriate engagement and recognition: co-producers on the spectrum and/or their families/carers have been, and will continue to be, engaged, recognised and rewarded appropriately
  • sustainability of co-production: the organisation takes a sustained approach to research co-production, including promotion of co-production internal or external to their organisation.

We will formally recognise those organisations that meet these criteria as 'Autism CRC Research Co-production Partners'. We will promote and support these partners in their research activities, as well as in their proposals to funding agencies.

The deadline to submit an application is 13 June 2018. Applications will be assessed by an expert panel and successful applicants will be notified in August.

Applications have now closed.

For more information, visit Autism CRC Research Co-production Partner initiative.