Dynamic e-learning portal to put latest research in the hands of teachers

18 Jan 2019

Using the findings of Autism CRC’s latest research for educators will soon be easier with the development of a dynamic e-learning portal. The website, which is in development, will help teachers and professionals to support students with a range of learning needs, including those on the spectrum. 

The site will provide access to Autism CRC’s evidence-based, pedagogically sound teaching practices, and will include: 

  • Text articles with a series of steps to implement evidence-based practice in classrooms; 
  • Multimedia instructional videos; 
  • PDF manuals and support materials;
  • Links to research reports and journal articles related to practices in the Autism CRC Knowledge Centre.

The Autism CRC is leading the way by providing a national community of practice, enabling social sharing, comments and reviews of experience implementing specific practices in mainstream classrooms across Australia. 

As part of ongoing research an advisory group, made up of educators and the autistic community, will also review existing resources. Feedback will be used to develop guidelines for future research and resource development, ensuring the future is bright for all learners.

The site is due to be trialled later in 2019. 

For more information, contact Autism CRC Project Leader Keely Harper Hill on keely.harperhill@qut.edu.au or 07 3138 3046.