George's Run begins 5 November 2023

2 Nov 2023

George Chijarira running on a path through a green field, with a lake in the background

This ambitious challenge will see George Chijarira raise money for autism research as he walks, runs and cycles Adelaide to Melbourne (covering 726km) in seven days.

‘George’s Run’ is a charity event aiming to raise $50,000 for autism research with all donations going to support Autism CRC’s collaborative research initiatives.

“From a young age, I have always been drawn to the exhilarating world of movement and physical activity. Growing up, I was constantly on the go, exploring the outdoors, and seeking new adventures,” says George.

George hopes his efforts will contribute to enhancing understanding of autism, developing effective supports and improving the quality of life for autistic people and their families in Australia.

“Together, we can make a significant impact on understanding and supporting individuals on the autism spectrum, including my own son, Jordan, and countless others who deserve a brighter, more inclusive future,” says George.

The event

George will gather with his followers on Sunday 5 November at Adelaide Oval for the launch of George’s Run with speeches being made at 9am. During the week-long event, George will make updates on his daily progress via his social media and hopes to see supporters along the way!

Day Route Distance
Day 1 – Sun 5 Nov Adelaide Oval to Tailem Bend 124 km
Day 2 – Mon 6 Nov Tailem Bend to Tintinara 119 km
Day 3 – Tues 7 Nov Tintinara to Bordertown 113 km
Day 4 – Wed 8 Nov Bordertown to Horsham 160 km
Day 5 – Thu 9 Nov Horsham to Ararat 114 km
Day 6 – Fri 10 Nov Ararat to Ballarat 110 km
Day 7 – Sat 11 Nov Ballarat to Federation Square 119 km

George will complete his epic journey on Saturday 11 November, arriving at Federation Square, Melbourne.

George’s Run is sponsored by Prodigy Health Solutions, who are providing equipment and logistical support to give George the best chance of success.

Autism CRC CEO, Andrew Davis, said Autism CRC is delighted to support George, and humbled by his determination and efforts to improve quality of life and opportunity for autistic people.

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