New and improved myWAY Employability – available now

4 Aug 2023

We are excited to announce the new and improved myWAY Employability – with new functionality that will make career exploration and team collaboration even easier! The new domain name is a nod to the autistic people who co-designed this platform with us as ‘Au’ is a commonly used acronym in this space.

myWAY Employability is a web platform designed to help autistic people shape their future. The platform encourages users to break their dreams down into achievable goals and tasks, providing a roadmap to career success.  

More personalised than ever, with a responsive goal builder that helps you get started on the career journey you want, it’s never been easier to build your support network through our enhanced Dashboard, connecting you with your nominated myWAY team.

We’ve added new functionality and over 40 templates to support different career stages with our responsive goal creation section. This will help you easily tailor your goals to outline exactly what you want to achieve!

If you are a supporter for a 'career explorer', there is a new enhanced dashboard for managing multiple career explorers, including evidence-based recommendations to leverage strengths and accommodate workplace preferences.

There is also flexible invitation functionality, allowing both career explorers as well as support persons to initiate team formation. Facilitating team growth is just a click away!

For more information, check out our Getting Started Guide.

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We are also looking to hear from employment consultants, career practitioners or specialists for our Professional User Group. By taking part, you can help co-design any future updates on myWAY Employability to enhance our service delivery offering. Offer your professional expertise and receive early access to test upcoming designs and functionality. See the Professional User Group page for more information and to get involved.