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21 Jan 2021

The inclusionED team has been busy, recently releasing three new teaching practices in time for the 2021 school year. The new practices focus on how to create routine and visual schedules; school belonging; and, calm space for students.

If you haven’t already joined the inclusionED community, we hope to welcome you soon. Registration to the online professional learning community for educators is free and gives you access to the complete library of inclusionED practices and projects.

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Preparing your classroom for 2021

As you prepare to head back to the classroom and begin the 2021 school year, inclusionED can help you to make informed choices about how best to structure your classroom environment, communication style, and learning activities to support all learners.

Evidence-based and research-informed teaching practices that may be particularly useful for you at this time of year include:

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To help get you started, our three 'Ask inclusionED' sessions are now available as a playlist on YouTube. They demonstrate how you can use the evidence on inclusionED to:

The start of a new year is the perfect time to set specific goals for your class and yourself. If you'd like a detailed walkthrough of how inclusionED can help you to do this, be sure to watch the Ask inclusionED video on supporting sensory needs.

More resources to come

We will be releasing many more new teaching practices on inclusionED throughout Term 1, so watch this space!

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