A new Leadership Program coming soon in 2018

9 Sep 2017

Autism CRC is developing a new leadership program for 2018. The program is the result of a follow-up evaluation of the 2013 Future Leaders program and the first two Autism CRC Research Academy national workshops.

The program, which is being co-produced with autistic adults who make up the majority of the project team, aims to:

  • Upskill autistic adults in leadership, policy development and networking to further equip them to create change in line with their aspirations.
  • Build relationships between emerging autistic leaders and organisations.
  • Establish a national network of emerging and established autistic leaders to allow for the sharing of experiences and follow up opportunities.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through a series of training and development initiatives including online training modules, a three day leadership workshop, mentoring from established autistic leaders and hands-on work experience with corporate partners.

While the program is still in the development stage, we will soon begin accepting applications from emerging autistic leaders, aged 25 to 40 years, with different levels of leadership experience and a passion for positively impacting their community.

We will also be seeking to partner with organisations interested in providing volunteer placements and sponsoring candidates to complete the program.

Later this year, we will hold a webinar to provide more details and answer questions.

Please email education@autismcrc.com.au to register your interest in the program and keep informed about the upcoming webinar.