Seeking young adults to user test myWAY Employability

13 Feb 2020 Updated 6 August 2020.

With the support of $450,000 from Telstra Foundation, Autism CRC is developing myWAY Employability, a smart web application that helps young people on the autism spectrum to plan and prepare for their working life. It will help young people identify strengths and interests, set goals and track progress.

Founded on career planning and transition to employment outputs from Autism CRC research and Randomised Control Trials, more than 250 people (including young adults on the spectrum, parents, supporters and service providers) were involved in the validation, co-design and development of myWAY Employability.

In 2019 the project established a Neurodiverse Youth Advisory Group to advise on the engagement elements of the web application, content and user expectations.

The vision for myWAY Employability is that it will be widely used in schools as a support resource for educators working with school leavers on the autism spectrum in transition planning.

User testing of myWAY Employability

During February and March 2020 we engaged autistic people aged between 14 and 30 years old to test the beta version of myWAY Employability. They were able to provide input however they felt comfortable, whether it be submitting comments in writing, via phone or in person.

We have concluded this phase of testing. myWAY Employability is now live and accessible at