Sylvia Rodger Academy Community Platform launched

6 Dec 2021

We were excited to launch the Sylvia Rodger Academy alumni online community platform on 18 November 2021. Co-designed and developed with alumni, the Sylvia Rodger Academy Community Platform has been created as a way for alumni to network professionally with their peers across Programs. The platform is a place where alumni can:

  • engage, network and collaborate with their peers
  • view and share upcoming events and professional opportunities
  • share and access professional resources.

The virtual launch event included a tour of the new online platform and updates from Autism CRC CEO, Andrew Davis, and Sylvia Rodger Academy Executive Officer, Liv Gatfield. The event featured presentations from three Australian autistic-led organisations including: 

  • Reframing Autism – Dr Melanie Heyworth, Future Leaders 2018 and Governance Program 2019
  • ASAN-AuNZ – Tammy McGowan, Future Leaders 2019 and Governance Program 2019
  • TARA (The Autistic Realm Australia) – Kathy Isaacs, Research Program 2017 and Governance Program 2019.

A creative showcase included poetry readings by Alex Creece, Future Leaders 2019, and a musical performance closed the event.

Thanks to our working group

A digital working group of alumni co-designed the platform. Our thanks to:

  • Bruce Meatheringham, Future Leaders 2018
  • Jen Harland, Research Program 2017 and Future Leaders 2020
  • Ben Lambert, Future Leaders 2018
  • Simon Edwards, Research Program 2017
  • Kathy Isaacs, Research Program 2017 and Governance Program 2019.

Kathy also worked in her capacity as Autism CRC’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Administrator to develop the online infrastructure for the platform.

About the Sylvia Rodger Academy

An initiative of Autism CRC, the Sylvia Rodger Academy delivers nationwide programs aimed at empowering autistic adults.

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