University of Wollongong joins Autism CRC

7 Feb 2019

Partnership aims to deliver positive change to lives of people on the autism spectrum 

We are pleased to officially welcome University of Wollongong (UOW) as the newest participant of Autism CRC and look forward to their contributions to our unique network, working together to facilitate and translate research into real, positive benefits for people on the autism spectrum. 

Dr Amanda Webster, a Senior Lecturer in Autism and Inclusive Education in the School of Education and Academic Program Director for the Autism postgraduate programs, will co-ordinate UOW’s collaborations with the Autism CRC. 

We are also pleased to continue our association with Dr Webster, who has been a contributor to our work, particularly focusing on improving educational practices and environments during the school years. Dr Webster anticipates that participation in Autism CRC will bring opportunities for UOW researchers across the disciplines.

“Although our current team is comprised of researchers from Education, Psychology and Social Work, we really want to embrace a broader approach and believe that this is an area that involves many disciplines and individuals,” Dr Webster said. 

As well as focusing on the advancement of research, Autism CRC is committed to participatory and inclusive practice in which the autism community and families are seen as a valuable voice in identifying priorities and undertaking research that has the most relevance for their lives. UOW also shares this vision and is committed to bridging the research-to-practice gap. 

“We believe it’s really important to engage with people on the spectrum to make sure we address the things that are important to them and that will make their lives better rather than what we as non-autistic people think will make their lives better,” Dr Webster said.

The work we do at Autism CRC is only possible thanks to the support of our participant organisations and partners. The collaborative environment within a cooperative research centre gives us the scale needed to have real transformational impact for the autistic and autism communities through our research programs, and the translation of the outputs to practice.  We are thrilled to have the University of Wollongong as part of our participant network.

UOW joins more than 50 other organisations in Autism CRC, including national and international academic institutions, service providers, government bodies and commercial enterprises.

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