Update to the National Guideline for Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism

15 Sep 2023

In 2022, Autism CRC commissioned an update of the National Guideline for Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism in Australia. The Guideline Development Group has been working to update the Guideline through a review of recent research evidence and community consultation.

In May, a draft of the updated Guideline was released, and feedback invited from all members of the autistic and autism communities. We are grateful that over 300 individuals provided feedback via the online survey, along with 19 organisations.

The Guideline Development Group carefully considered every comment received, and incorporated further changes where appropriate, having considered all available information.

The updated Guideline and associated documents have been finalised, and a Public Consultation Summary prepared for submission to the National Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

We anticipate that the NHMRC will consider the updated Guideline later this year.

We will continue to update the community via our newsletter and look forward to sharing the updated Guideline in due course.

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