Valuing Neurodiversity with Secret Agent Society

13 Jun 2023

Community information sessions

For: Allied health and education professionals as well as parents.

The award-winning and evidence-based Secret Agent Society (SAS) Small Group Program has been meaningfully improving the lives of children around the world for more than a decade. The espionage-themed program engages 8–12-year-olds in social and emotional development through a clinician-led experience that combines Child Club Meetings, Parent Group Meetings, Missions between sessions, Teacher Tip sheets, a Skill Tracker, computer games and assessment tools.

Learn about the SAS Small Group Program and how SAS Facilitators use a range of neurodivergent-affirming approaches to teach new skills with children, their parents, and their teacher’s that makes for meaningful change to families’ lives.

SAS Provider services supports many different children with their social and emotional goals, so even if your child is not neurodivergent, you may like to join us to generally learn more about how you and your child can participate in SAS. Clinics or schools can also learn about how to offer SAS to a range of different families.

What you'll learn

  • What is Secret Agent Society really? (hint: no it is not just a computer game!)
  • Why are some people curious about how SAS fits within the neurodiversity movement?
  • How do neurodivergent-affirming therapists and educators use SAS with children and families?
  • Explore how SAS prepares children for life’s social and emotional challenges!
    • Emotion recognition (in self and others)
    • Emotion regulation (particularly of anxiety and anger)
    • Social Skills (for team work or talking and playing with a range of peers)
    • Problem solving (for dealing with change, making mistakes, and managing bullying)
    • Personal goal setting and understanding of own social preferences.

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