Development of an autism-specific Quality of Life assessment for use with autistic adults

The aim of this project is to co-produce and evaluate an adult-autism Quality of Life (QoL) assessment tool. 

A steering group of five autistic individuals will be engaged throughout the project, guiding design and implementation of the tool. Phase 1 will employ a mixed method approach, using grounded theory, photovoice and q-methodology, to explore the life story of autistic individuals in relation to their QoL.

  • Phase 1 will inform the validity of the tool to be developed in phase 2.
  • Phase 2 will involve the development of a QoL assessment tool which will be evaluated for validity, and implementation and interpretability.

This research will contribute new knowledge and opportunities to understand how autistic people view their current QoL, and what factors they report to positively or negatively impact on their overall QoL. The co-produced nature of this research provides opportunities to employ and further develop research methodologies which enable co-produced research.

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