Enhancing the capacity of autistic people to use public transport

Autistic individuals face social and cognitive difficulties that affect their ability to establish relationships, maintain employment and participate in community activities. The independent use of public transport systems could be difficult and anxiety evoking for autistic travelers, as the task requires planning, interpreting schedules, managing transfers and problem-solving unpredictable changes. Safety concerns on the part of their families further limit their independent use of public transport. Furthermore, there is also limited understanding of the difficulties autistic people face while planning for, and accessing, public transport.

The overall aim of this project is to address community mobility challenges experienced by young autistic adults by developing and pilot testing a trouble shooting technology solution and other resources to improve access to and use of public transportation. The public transportation project will involve three studies, each involving consultation with the research advisory group of autistic adults established through Curtin University.

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  • David McMeekin, Curtin University
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