Participatory Autism Research in the CRC and beyond

This strategic project aims to:

  1. conduct a review of the nature and extent of autistic and broader autism community involvement in Autism CRC projects to date. The review will gain people’s perspectives of such involvement, both the potential benefits and challenges, situated within the context of the Autism CRC’s journey of engaging end-user organisations and inclusive research practices, including its initiatives directed to the promotion of co-production (Study 1 – year 1);
  2. develop an evaluation framework for participatory autism research and (pilot) test the efficacy of that framework in 1-2 Autism CRC funded projects (Study 2 – year 2)
  3. review and revise (as necessary) the co-production mechanisms of the Autism CRC (e.g., the Inclusive Research Practice Guides and Checklists) in light of the findings from aims 1 and 2; and
  4. contribute to other work on social and ethical issues that are of significant concern to the autistic and autism communities (Studies 3-4; years 1 and 2).

The long-term aim of this research is to enhance the uptake and quality of inclusive research practices within the Autism CRC and autism research internationally.

The evaluation framework for participatory autism research developed and evaluated under this project should also be a significant asset for Autism CRC in its capacity to assess and define applied research programs, as well as an asset for defining and promoting research program proposals to Government and other funding bodies.

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Project Leader(s)
  • Liz Pellicano, Macquarie University
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