Autism and Agriculture

The Autism and Agriculture Pilot Program involves the Autism CRC, SunPork Farms, Specialisterne Australia and Epic Assist Australia, with the generous support of the CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork and Boehringer Ingelheim. Goals of the program include:

(a) To identify and employ the diverse skills and talents of autistic adults in animal care

(b) To develop innovative solutions that continue to provide optimal welfare for livestock

(c) To build capacity within the agricultural sector to employ autistic adults

An evaluation of the Autism and Agriculture pilot program by Curtin University will provide recommendations to the wider agriculture industry to expand the employment model and animal welfare strategy nationally and internationally.

SunPork Farms recognises that by employing autistic adults and providing an appropriate working environment that the human resource standards for the entire business are enhanced.

All autistic adults employed are paid in full by SunPork Farms in accordance with relevant awards and enterprise agreements in place for the agreed positions. SunPork Farms view these positions as long term. When the pilot is complete it is expected that inclusive recruitment processes will be undertaken to further increase the number of autistic animal carers at SunPork Farms.

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Project Leader(s)
  • Kirsty Richards, SunPork Group
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