Studio G multimedia program for young adults

The aims of the Studio G program were two-fold. Firstly, the project aimed to evaluate the effect of the program, its structure and processes using a participatory action research approach. Using a mixed methods methodology, this project aimed to evaluate the effect of the program on the wellbeing and skills of the participants in the following areas:

(a) Social participation

(b) Friendship networks

(c) Mental health outcomes

(d) Quality of life

(e) Pre-vocational skills with the aim of facilitating access to tertiary education

Secondly, the project aimed to evaluate the structure and processes of the Studio G program for young adults using a participatory action research, to develop program guidelines. The participatory action research approach aligned with the aims of program to incorporate as much input as possible from participants and other stakeholders, to be dynamic and responsive to their needs, and to be user-directed in the program delivery.
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Project Leader(s)
  • Jill Ashburner, Autism Queensland Limited
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